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Sonyia Baring Graham

SONYIA GRAHAM was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She relocated to Houston in 1987. She is the proud mother of Andrew and Victoria Graham, who represent and are her best work. She’s an author, publisher and owner of "It's Time To Uncover Original Blueprint" in which she uncovers and coins the phrase "Passive assimilation". Publisher and owner of Colored Mirrors Publishing, LLC, whose motto is "Wrriten words are colored mirrors to one's soul." Sonyia believes everyone has a story and it is important to birth your and leave a legacy and a brand presence that will exist for years to come. While Sonyia is excited to share the Original Blue Print Series around the world, she is equally excited about the opportunity to help others birth their stories and eastablish their brand presence. In her sports management career, she had the pleasure of managing and branding Silver medalist Olympian Nia Abdallah, for women she successfully secured the first NIKE Martial Arts endorsement for in 2004. As an entrepreneur, one of her companies, Mirror Perfect Marketing, Inc., got the attention of Compaq Computer Corporation’s and become Compaq's first online promotional products provider nationwide. Sonyia is a Co-host of Facebook Live Show "Your Voice Talk Show" and the founder of Me Time 4 Real, a Facebook woman's social oganization. She enjoys a strong brand presence among her peers and is passionate about influencing people & imapcting purpose!

Living My Best Life On Purpose


"I am honored to share with you the tools in this book, that I developed and used during my eleven year journey. These tools changed my life! Through the interactive exercises and tools provided, it is my goal to help you move in a positive direction so that you too, can experience life with fulfillment and joy the way you are meant to experience it, while fulfilling God's purpose for your life. ."

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